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If you are interested in using this simulation, please contact the Hg and POPs Working Group. GEOS-Chem v8-03-02 and higher versions provide the option to use the Global Terrestrial Mercury Model, which is a detailed land-surface model for use with the Hg simulations.

Please see the following references for more information. In principle, the soil Hg concentrations should be recalculated after any changes to the model, meteorology, or resolution to ensure self-consistent treatment of online payday loans and emissions.

In practice, the changes to soil emissions may be small for some model updates and recalculating soil Hg may be unnecessary. But it is the model users' responsibilities to determine when to update his or her soil Hg files. Users who want to update their soil Hg files may use IDL code developed by Chris Holmes. Please contact him directly. Helen Amos wrote:Here are step-by-step instructions for making a new soil distribution if you are not using GTMM. Save file as 'soilhg.

Step 3: Run three years (e. Specify that it's a pre-industrial simulation in the input. Step 4: Use soilhgdist. Step 7: Run three years (e. Start this run from where Step 3 left off by renaming the restart.

Step 8: Repeat Steps 4-7 until pre-industrial soil distribution converges. Specify that it's pay day loans a present day simulation by setting 'Is it a pre-industrial sim. Step 2: Run three years (e. The GEIA 2005 emission inventory for anthropogenic Hg (Pacyna et al. The bpch files were prepared by Bess Corbitt at Harvard and are available at: ftp ftp.

The GCAP inventory was also prepared by Bess Corbitt. Note that the GEIA 2005 emissions DO include artisanal mining and the GEIA 2000 do NOT include artisanal mining. River inputs have been tested in the MITgcm ocean simulation, but have not been tested in GEOS-Chem.

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