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The Firm is also involved in the production and sale of engines, castings and other components. Reuters reports that Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is suing the Chinese automaker Jiangling Motor (JMC) for copyright infringement and unfair competition. JMC is the largest shareholder of Landwind, the maker of the controversial Landwind X7, which is a near-perfect copy of the Range Rover Evoque. Is JLR going to win. Based on looks alone they sure should, as the photos below will prove.

China has very strict rules for claiming copyrights. A foreign automaker should register the design of a new car separately in China, even when it is already registered in the country of origin, in this pay day loan the U. There are still automakers, even now, who forget that. The foreign automaker can still sue, but it is in a much weaker position.

JLR did only register pay day loan design of the Evoque when they were going to make it locally, in a joint venture with Chery, but not when it came out back in 2011. Assuming the court will agree with JLR that they own the copyrights, JLR then has to prove these rights were infringed.

Looking at the photos and dimensions that should be easy. And of course, Jiangling made sure to add just enough differences in their design for such a line of defense pay day loan to work. And they would be right about that. And then there are the political dimensions. In a high profile case like this, which will be held in a court pay day loan the capital Beijing, the Chinese government will always have a say.

It is not easy to predict what that say will be. They might want to protect Jiangling, or they might want to set an example that local automakers got to stop cloning. The government is well aware of the bad image of China that these automakers create, and they are very sensitive about that. But even if the government wants to set an pay day loan, and that is a very big if, an outright win for JLR seems unlikely. The biggest problem however seems to be time.

JLR is rather late with their lawsuit. The Landwind X7 was launched on the Chinese market in August 2015, it had its public debut in November 2014, the first clear spy shots popped up in June 2014, and the first patent images appeared in April 2014. All this time JLR did nothing. Landwind is a Chinese car maker jointly owned by Jiangling Motors and Changan Auto, coincidentally (or not.

The Evoque is powered by a Ford-sourced 2. The interior is inspired by the Evoque too, but there are less similarities than on the outside. The most obvious are the design on the instrument binnacle, the position of the start-stop button, the top part of the center stack, and the air vents in the center stack.

Most notable difference is the touch screen, which is actually much larger in the Landwind than in the Evoque. It is even more obvious when you meet one on the streets, at first and second glance it is an Evoque, only when you look at it carefully you will realize it is in fact a Landwind. The casual observer will not look three times and assume it is a Range Rover. JLR should just ship in 10 random people, let them look at a Landwind, and ask them what car it is.

Leading domestic automaker group Jiangling Motors plans to boost its presence in African markets, company leaders said. Established in 2009, its South African branch, Jiangling Motors South Africa (PTY) Ltd, is expected to increase the number of its dealerships in the country from 20 to 33 by the end of this year. The company also aims to increase annual sales to between 1,000 to 2,000 units over the next one to two years.

JMIE started to research and venture into overseas markets in 1993, and in 1996, it set up its first operations center in Dubai and its first overseas distributor. To date, it has exported over 85,000 completely built units to more than 110 countries and regions and has 79 distributors, 295 showrooms, 456 dealers and 379 workshops.

JMIE was established to deal with foreign markets for Jiangling Motors Corporation Ltd, JMC for short. JMC is one of the biggest companies in China's commercial vehicle industry and has been one of China's top 100 listed companies for eight consecutive years.

Starting in 2005, JMC became an official supplier for the United Nations and has already provided more than 300 units to its branches around the world. Based in Nanchang, capital of East China's Jiangxi province, JMC's parent group, - Jiangling Motors Group Co, is a key enterprise in China's auto industry and also a national export base for complete vehicles. In 2011, its sales revenue ranked 276th among the top 500 enterprises in China and 144th among the top 500 enterprises in the machinery industry.

JMC is one of the biggest companies in China's commercial vehicle industry. It plans to become a base of operations for the group in the African market in future. JMC's whole vehicle sales volume reached 200,000 units in 2012. Parent group Based in Nanchang, capital of East China's Jiangxi province, JMC's parent group, - Jiangling Motors Group Co, is a key enterprise in China's auto industry and also a national export base for complete vehicles.

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Jiangling Motor's Landwind X7 SUV, which was launched in November 2014, had received lots of flak in the Chinese media for its striking resemblance to Jaguar's Range Rover Evoque. Landwind X7 SUV's front and rear styling are said to look very similar to the Evoque, including its taillight and headlights. Evoque was Jaguar's first made in China model and hit the market before the Landwind X7 SUV was unveiled.

Like Us on Facebook According to Reuters, a local court in Beijing's Chaoyang district has issued "newly filed actions" against Jiangling Motor in the copyright infringement case. Both companies are reportedly discussing what design features can or cannot be added in the updated X7 model, according to a source familiar with the matter. Jaguar Land Rover's decision to sue Jiangling Motor is a rare move by a foreign automaker in world's largest auto market.

Despite blatant copying across the car industry, most foreign car companies shy away from taking legal action against local companies as the odds of winning a case against a local firm is apparently very low.



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